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Academic Activities
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Publication activities

Journal of the KSMTE
Starting as the ¡°Journal of the Korean Society for Machine Tool Technologies¡± (quarterly) in 1995, the journal was changed to the ¡°Journal of the Korean Society of Machine Tool Engineers¡± (bimonthly) from 2002 to 2010. Now, it is Journal of the KSMTE. Papers in the journal are published as either research papers or technical papers. The research paper is an original paper contributing to the advancement of the technologies described in the journal¡¯s scope. The technical paper is also an original paper focusing on the application of the technologies.

Other Technical Publication
Technical books, standard and terminology dictionaries are published as necessary.

Conferences and meetings

Annual Spring & Fall Conferences
KSMTE conferences, the biggest events of the KSMTE are held in the spring and fall of every year. The conferences convenes more than 300 participants from industries, research institutes and academics and more than 150 papers are presented. The conference hosts an technical exhibition from industries and government funded projects. The conference program also includes a guest tour to nearby industries, invited talks, the KSMTE committee meetings (fall only) and golf outings.

Technical Division Conferences
Under the KSMTE, there are 11 technical divisions. The 11 divisions organize biennial technical division conferences or seminars.

International Symposium
Joint with the Korea Machine Tool Manufacturers¡¯ Association, KSMTE organizes an international symposium during Seoul International Manufacturing Technology Show. KSMTE also organizes International Conference of Manufacturing Technology Engineers every year.

KSMTE organizes seminars, forums, symposia and workshops based on demands of the society members.

International Activities

Annually, KSMTE has been organizing the International Conference of Manufacturing Technology Engineers (ICMTE). The conference is aimed at facilitating interactions among engineers in the fields of mechanical design & CAE, manufacturing, robotics & automation, with special focus on some cutting-edge fields, such as nanotechnology, sustainable manufacturing, etc. The topics covered in this conference include;

¡Ü Advanced Machine Tools and Tooling
¡Ü Precision and Ultra-Precision Machining
¡Ü Micro and Nano Machining
¡Ü Nonconventional Machining
¡Ü Green Manufacturing System
¡Ü Numerical Control and HMI Technologies
¡Ü Machine Tool Vibration and System Control
¡Ü Robot and Process Automation
¡Ü IT-BT Convergence Manufacturing
¡Ü Ocean Plant Manufacturing Technologies
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